Zinc die casting and Aluminum die casting

CNM TECH is one of pioneer zinc die casting and aluminum die casting manufacturer in DongGuan, GuangDong, China. We specializes in Zinc and Aluminum precision die-casting finish. Our finishing service is all-inclusive from tooling to precision die-casting that include zinc die casting and aluminum die casting.

Our service includes zinc alloy and aluminum alloy precision die casting, CNC finishing, Vibration, Grinding, and Components assembling. And our die casting finishing products include 3C components, shower access components, automobile & motorcycle components. JHD is committed to providing first-class die-casting finish service that meet customers’ demands. With continued dedication to excellence, the company will continue to provide die casting service with innovation and superior quality.

Zinc Alloy Die Casting

A zinc alloy die casting made from Zamak #3,#5 or #7 or a zinc-aluminum alloy casting made from ZA-8 is made in the same general manner as an aluminum die casting. Molten metal is injected into a closed vessel (known as a casting die or mold) under high pressure and at a controlled temperature. The metal is rapidly cooled until the solidified part is sufficiently rigid to permit ejection from the mold.The mold has at least two sections which include the “Cover” or Hot Half Side and the “Moveable” or Ejector Half Side. The die may also have additional moveable segments called slides or pulls which are used to create features such as undercuts or holes which are parallel to the parting line.

Zinc die casting dies or die casting molds are run in Hot Chamber Die Casting machines. These machines are operated at the required temperatures and pressures to produce a quality part to net-shape or near net-shape specifications. Zinc die castings can be readily machine, plated, painted or powder coated.

Some of the more typical applications for zinc and ZA alloy die castings are: hardware for doors, drawers, and furniture, plumbing fixtures, automotive products, parts for the lighting industry, general hardware application, hand tools, power tools, and sporting goods. New and challenging applications are being engineered daily to provide an opportunity for zinc die castings to move into new markets and industries.

After almost seventy years of continuous die casting manufacturing, CNM TECH Die Casting remains an industry leader in aluminum and zinc die cast products and magnesium die casting manufacturing. Our customer base continues to grow throughout the world. Our reputation for dependable performance and consistent quality brings diversity to the types and sizes of components we produce. Los Angeles Die Casting utilizes experience, technology, and continuous improvement to successfully supply precision zinc and aluminum castings to an ever-expanding array of clients. Some of the industries we currently supply product to are noted below.

  • Automotive
  • Pneumatics
  • Liquid Pumps
  • Air Pumps
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Computer components
  • Printers
  • Robotics
  • Communication
  • Hardware
  • Sports Equipment
  • Home Security Devices
  • Power Tools
  • Recreation Vehicles
  • Home Appliance
  • Consumer Products
  • Locks
  • Vending Machines
  • Lighting
  • Construction Supplies
  • Plumbing Parts
  • Electrical and Gas Motors
  • Spray Guns
  • Sensors and Gauges

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