Zinc Die Casting

The high strength of the zinc alloy and its hardness characteristic make it become ideal substitute for aluminum to have higher ability of machining, suppressing, pressing and assembling. The zinc alloy shows outstanding ability of shock attenuation and vibration absorbability. In general, the tooling life of zinc alloy is at least 10 times longer than aluminum die cast tooling, in addition, the tooling expenses is also cheaper.

Characteristic of the zinc alloy´╝Üzinc die casting

  • High strength and hardness
  • Excellent electric conductivity
  • High-accuracy dimension and stability
  • High thermal conductance
  • The good filled ability of product’s thin wall
  • High repaired characteristic
  • Remarkable corrosion resistance
  • Abundant recycling
  • Excellent characteristic of electroplating
Application of zinc alloy ingots:
  • Electronic parts and Telecommunication equipment
  • Optical instruments and General instruments
  • Automobile and motorcycle parts
  • Commercial apparatus
  • House wares
  • Industrial apparatus
  • General hardware and Tools

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