It can get a bit overwhelming when you set out to buy a brand new hair iron and find so many models on the market. The dilemma is always the same: which one is the best? With ever increasing popularity comes ever increasing variety of hair irons used by millions of people to better their look. This means you may want to research the different types of hair irons available today and read up on consumer reviews before making a final decision. You need to, of course, base your decision on your specific needs, hair type and budget.

You won’t want to get the cheapest thing out there, neither would you dish out on ridiculously expensive items. You should look for a quality hair iron that features durable materials and a heating system built to last. One other thing you should keep in mind is the frequency with which you plan on using your hair iron, and consult with your budget when the time for buying arrives.

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So what is there to know about hair irons? Here are some types.

• Basic: This hair iron is for those no-nonsense individuals who want the job done without worrying about all the bells and whistles. This model has metal plates and limited or no settings. People generally keep their distance from these as there is a higher chance of burning hair due to the heat output.
• Ceramic: These models are some of the most popular on the market, ranging from moderate to high prices. This hair iron is known for equal heat distribution and thus less burning of hair.
• Tourmaline: One of the best models you can buy. This hair iron can stand up to all sorts of styling and is great for heating up fast, giving users a unique, shiny and healthy look.
• Ionic: This model cuts out frizz and gives your hair an amazing sheen while also helping to lock in moisture. Lots of people choose the ionic hair iron for it’s great results and beneficial performance.

One thing you need to watch out for is hair irons with colored plates, this means the plates are painted and not good for you hair. The plates should be a white ceramic or a gun metal grey color for tourlamline ceramic. Here is a perfect example of a Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Iron.

Once you have considered all the necessary factors that can influence your buying decision, you can go out and pick the right hair iron for you. You might find that you need multiple hair irons for different situations or a variety of hairstyles, or that you have to go through various irons before reaching that perfect one. Whichever the case, it’s time to get shopping!