The Skill of a Master Craftsman or Imported Cast Jewellery? You Choose!

The selection of jewellery available today is greater than it has ever been.  Modern manufacturing methods ensures that the supply of mass designed jewellery is forever growing.

In any country in the world you will find the same type of jewellery,  The designs, the metals and stones that are used in those designs are virtually all the same.  This often imported jewellery is extremely cheap to buy and not expected to last the test of time.

Even some of the more ‘quality’ types of jewellery could be ‘cast jewellery’.  This means that the design has been originally made in wax with a mould being made from the design.  The mould is then filled with a metal, often an inferior one or an amalgamation of different metals and left to harden before the wax is removed.  This is known as lost wax casting.

The piece is then decorated with gems or precious stones, either attached to the piece or placed in the basket fixing such as you would expect for an engagement ring.  Even diamonds are included in pieces made in this way.  A high level of craftsmanship is not required and the piece is not custom made.  Instead, 100s or even 1000s of engagement rings or other pieces of jewellery are made from the same casting, resulting in an inferior product.  Cast jewellery has also found to be softer, therefore you cannot be confident that a piece made from an interior metal will last ‘forever’.

Although many die casting manufacturer produced pieces are made from solid pieces of metal, their hand made counterparts are not and are usually crafted from less solid pieces.  This means that the skill of the craftsman is paramount to ensure that the hand made piece is perfect in every detail and why hand made jewellery is so coveted by passionate enthusiasts.

The Skill of a Master Craftsman Ensures Quality and Innovative Design

To ensure that your diamond jewellery is totally unique and crafted from quality materials you should go to a diamond merchant such as My Aluminum die casting at  where they guarantee that every diamond has been graded using the world-renowned GIA Diamond Grading criteria and that every diamond engagement ring, wedding ring or dress ring has been uniquely designed by their Australian Master Craftsman.

Using an eclectic array of loose diamonds, a client can join the artisan on the very first step of his or her journey towards the bespoke piece, ensuring that total confidence and pleasure in the jewellery can be achieved.