CNM Group of Industry is one of the leading manufacturer of High Pressure Die Casting Parts in China having annual turn over of approx. 40 Million US Dollars, and installed production capacity of about 24000 tons of casting annually.
CNM is a certified company with TS 16949 and ISO14001 certifications having three manufacturing facilities in DongGuan China. We also have a machining & assembly plant in Hosur (TN). This plant in dongguan China has been started to cater to the needs of our customers in China. We can produce die cast parts with Vacuum and Squeeze technology. In addition to High Pressure Die Casting we also have CNC Machining, liquid and powder painting & sub assembly of various parts . We also have in-house facilities for Tool Designing & Tool manufacturing.

CNM can provide a “Concept to Carton” service on a surprisingly wide range of products. Come to us with your idea for a product and we can assist you with the design, tooling, production and more…

Engineering Support:  

The CNM Engineering department is available to help with your product design and getting your production running. We will be your partner in designing the product to ensure that it meets your requirements and is optimized for manufacturabilty. Early involvement can prevent many production problems and help reduce tooling and part costs. All new programs will go through our New Product Launch Process.

Our CAD Department uses Solid Edge, Pro/Engineer and CADKey¨ (3 seats) with 2D and solid modeling capability. We can provide prototyping services if required.

New Tool Insurance: We also understand the difficulties of designing a new part – it’s hard to get the product right the first time. We can help. CNM will carry out initial design changes to the tool at no charge (up to 5% of the initial cost). This gives you that additional comfort zone, when you make a commitment to a new tool.

Tooling Management:  

All tooling is made to strict construction specifications with the best quality materials by our own tool room or by certified tooling suppliers. CNM provides you with the TLC Program (Tool Lifetime Care Program). This is a comprehensive tool inspection and maintenance program giving you a tool that is guaranteed for life.

Die Cast Manufacturer    

We have a wide range of casting equipment giving us the ability to cast components from fractions of an ounce up to about 3 pounds (Zinc) and 12 pounds (Aluminum). Strict quality procedures (pdf format Quality Policy Manual) ensure metal quality and product consistency.

One-Stop Shopping and Total Acquisition Cost:

There are many advantages to having us finish your parts for you. We become accountable for the finished part, relieving you of the worry of coordinating delivery schedules for your various vendors. If a problem occurs, we will pick it up immediately and fix it before large quantities of parts are produced. We are clearly responsible for any defects, and absorb all scrap at every stage of production. You get 100% quality. There will also be less inventory in the supply chain.

We have the capability to carryout machining, many types of finishing, including plating and painting and if necessary, provide special packaging or assemble product ready for use on your production line.

New Product Launch Process:

 A process of thorough planning followed by multistage reviews and approvals during the manufacture of casting and trim dies and fixtures. The final output is a product, which meets with your approval and can be produced consistently by our production facility.

CAD Department:  

CAD systems currently being used:

Solid Edge (2 seats)

Solid Edge (1 seat)

Pro/Engineer (1 seat)

Preferred file exchange formats:

*.prt (CADKey format)

*.prt (Solid Edge format)

*.prt and *.drw (Pro/Engineer format)

*.stp (STEP format)

*.igs (surface and wire frame)

*.dwg (AutoCAD¨ format)

*.dxf (AutoCAD¨ exchange format)

Exchange media can be:

e-mail as file attachment (

100Mb iomega¨ Zip Disk

Re-writable CD

3.5 in disk

Use of PKZip¨ or WinZip¨ preferred.

New Tool Insurance:    

Committing to a new tool can be a big undertaking. Well, just to make things a little easier, if you find you need any design changes after we first run the part, we will cover the cost of the tool changes (up to 5% of the initial cost). It’s in our interest to make sure you are getting exactly what you want, and that we can produce it repeatedly at the desired quality level.

TLC (Tool Lifetime Care) Program:  

When you launch a program with new tooling at CNM we will guaranty the tool for life. We will carry out all maintenance and all repairs at no charge (subject to suitable tool design) to keep the tool in perfect condition.

The “TLC” Program is a comprehensive tool inspection and maintenance program giving you a “zero cost” guaranty for as long as you run the tool. We will carry out all maintenance and all repairs at no charge. We can achieve this as a result of careful design and the use of our tool care maintenance procedures. At the end of every production run the tool is carefully inspected and tagged for any maintenance or repair work. The last pieces produced are also inspected for signs of problems and stored with the tool for reference. If repairs or replacement are needed we will do that too.