About Our China Die Casting Company

CNM is a professional Zinc die casting and Aluminum die casting-finishing manufacturer. Our finishing service is all-inclusive from tooling to precision die-casting (We are one of the best company in China to adopt the Japan center metal melting stove and an automatic metal liquid supply system that delivers melted metal liquid to each die-casting machine.

This system can keep the metal liquid at a constant temperature and further to ensures the density of each die casting part in stable condition. Also this process makes the products have stable (fixed) weight and even surfaces. ) , CNC processing, punching, polishing, electrical-plating, painting and assembling. Furthermore, by eliminating subcontractors, we can assure speedy delivery, consistent quality and a reduction of customer goods storage. For polishing work, we use an auto precision manipulator to cover the precision requirements of linear, rough and uneven surfaces, concentricity and thickness.

Our company have experienced 15 years since it was established in 2005. At the beginning of the foundation we have been making Die-Casting and we have more than 1000 sorts of molding development experience. We have the best technique for Die-Casting and also certification of ISO-9001

As our customers we have Hyun-Dae Automobile, Sam-Sung Automobile, LG Electronic and ACE-Technology, BMW, which are the best companies in the field of automobile, lighting industry, automobile industry and electronic on the world. We had results of Die-Casting mold and tools at automobile and electronics company of Japan and USA. The amount

comes up to U$17,391,000. We have direct exported to mold and Aluminum Die Casting products in USA & Japan. We also supply to parts of seat belt Al casting at Borg-Warner in USA. We have been supplying to part of seat belt at TRW in USA. Such products need a high production technique for best functional vacuum tool in order to remove occurring porosity. We have much experience and know-how at vacuum tool manufacturing.

The special technique for Die-Casting is a production technique of high precision molding that reduces the machining cost. These Products need less than 0.05mm high precision degree in Tolerance of all dimensions. With this product we receive highly recognition of our technique from TRW and we can supply the TRW enterprise many quantity in a shot term of delivery time by manufacturing may cavity (1¡¿8) mold.

Otherwise, we are also supplying, mold for color printer base including casting and CNC machining at Mathushita. We have exported only Die-Casing mold at TOYOTA in Japan.

We were tool and development’s department of Wontae Die Casting parts 2 years ago. But we separated from Wontae die-Casting because Wontae Die-Casting be short of capacity. We had put 5 Die-Casting machines (Made in Toshiba) and CNC machining machine (4set) in Bucheon factory on these-days so we have enough

We can, however, export only mold, because we have enough capacity for mold, The mold we make is produced together with Die-Casting. So, you could work together with us and do marketing in trust. Our company’s employee have to thoroughly conform to certification of QS-9000. We try to be the best and we confirm that you will be satisfied sufficiently in the aspect of the quality, delivery time and price by our accumulating know-how.

We appreciate you sincerely for showing interest in our company. We’d like to receive your inquiry. Please ask us if you have any question of Die-Casting mold and die casting parts. Then we reply to you as soon as possible.

  • Establishment:2005
  • Capacity:NT$3500 Million
  • Factory:3250/㎡
  • ISO 9002:Passing
  • TS16949:Expected in 2007

SanJian Industrial park,HenLi Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong China,523528
Tel: +86 (0)769 3388 9978 email: sales@thediecasting.com