Aluminum Die Casting

In numerous casting alloys, the aluminum die casting part is light and has better ability to endure the higher temperature condition to operate. The aluminum die casting not only has higher intensity and rigidity, but shows the premium ability of corrosion resistance and thermolysis (Spread heat), therefore, it is the ideal products which used in the all kind of harsh environment. In general, the tooling life of aluminum alloy is much shorter than zinc die cast tooling, in addition, the tooling expenses is also higher.

Characteristic of the aluminum alloy´╝Ü

  • Good ability to operate in high temperature environmentAluminium die casting
  • Remarkable corrosion resistance
  • High strength and hardness
  • Light weight
  • Good rigidity and intensity
  • Excellent electromagnetic wave covered performance
  • Outstanding thermolysis (spread heat)
  • High conductive performance
  • High repaired characteristic
  • Abundant recycling
Application of Aluminum Alloy Ingots
  • Electronic and Electric
  • Mechanical facilities
  • Transportation
  • Military industry
  • Architecture
  • Family products

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